Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rock and a Hard Place

I should be getting out of here. I looked up the rules for a reason. I'm trying very hard not to act too stupid. Because I'm not. Stupid, I mean. I have a backpack full of supplies all ready to go, just in case. When the risks get too bad,  I'm gone.

But I can't. Not yet.
Dea knew something; I'm sure she did. And I'm also sure she wrote it down. But her notebook's in code and I can't read it. Even assuming I can crack it, Dea was always more knowledgeable about the paranormal than I was. And she has- had- more books on the subject than even the library. Those books are here. I can't take them with me. Certainly not all of them, since she had like a whole shelf just for them.

So I can't leave yet. But I can't put so many people in danger just for getting the wrong room assignment.

And how do I even know what I'm looking for? Dea had all kinds of books on everything from psychics to a booklet on speaking some made up video game language she printed out in the computer lab one day-


...I'm an idiot.

Off to read up on Dea's crazy interests, BRB.


  1. If you're not moving, keep your eyes open. Things might be happening around you, warning you about his presence. Keep updated.

  2. Right. I'll keep an eye out.

    Does anyone know if Its influence is limited to recordings, of if It interferes with all electronics?

    Also, translating an entire diary from a folder that can't be more than 30 pages or so long is a nightmare.