Friday, December 2, 2011

H(a)unting: Advice

H(a)unting: Advice: Well, I'm caving. Who wants some tips that have helped me out? (Please note that these, at times, will completely contradict the advice of ...

More useful info. Reblogged for future reference.

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  1. I just finished reading up to the current on here, straight up Archive Binging. I definitely want to help you, you remind me of my slenderstalked friend Annex. Only current advice: I wouldn't look for help from the people at H(a)unting. From everything I've seen, at least me and I believe you are in a different continuity from them. The things they deal with have nothing to do with the things I've confirmed as real. I'd say that you should stick with M and Shaun. Don't forget: you're not alone. Try contacting Annex from Too Tired to Be Afraid and Aly of Care For a Cuppa. I hope your friend isn't dead, and I think we should try and help you on the notebook when we can. Stay safe.