Friday, December 16, 2011

Im Okay

Well, mostly okay, anyway.
The raid went... um. I don't actually know what to call it. I'm not dead, but I didn't get any helpful information and I did get hurt.

I got in okay by use of the most ancient and mystical art of 'look like you know where you're going and what you're doing and people will assume you're supposed to be there'. Then somebody noticed I *wasn't* supposed to be there. I ducked into what I thought was a broom closet but turned out... not to be.

The room was almost painful to look at. As I remember it (which is probably a poor metric indeed) it was at the same time both so large I could not see the walls or ceiling and normally sized.

There were a lot of people in that room.

So I ducked out, grabbed something off a table on the way out the front door, and ran for my life. The book I risked my life for turned out to be somebody's English textbook.

I had to lie low for a bit- in fact, I still am lying low, this post is being written from my smartphone and posted via wifi stolen from McDonalds via the roof.

So yeah. Disastrous, but not as bad as it could have been. Also I have good-ish news- it seems only a fraction of the Club is actually hollowed. The rest are still normal, or sane enough to act like it.

And North? I think we'd better call off the meeting for now. My "brilliant plan" attracted a lot of attention.


  1. Well...
    That sucks.
    I'm glad you're at least okay. I was starting to get kinda worried (I don't really have nothing to do besides driving and looking out for Slendy, so I pretty much lurk blogger all day long).

    I wish you luck. Keep in touch.

  2. Holy shit.



    Okay. Whatever. It's not your fault. It would have happened to anyone. Sneaking around is WAY harder then Solid Snake makes it look. Just...if you're going to try this again, please take someone else with you, maybe an uninfected you trust. 'They' are unlikely to screw with you when uninfected are near, and that way it can seem like you really don't know what you're doing, and won't react to your presence crazy.

    All that aside, glad you're okay. I know it's silly of me to say, but whatever, stay safe.

  3. @Roy
    Hey man, I kjut went trough your blog...
    You know...
    You're like... DEAD...
    How are you commenting here? Are you broken ace?

  4. ...


    How do I say this...

    Basically, I started the blog as a test. I had seen a bunch of slender-stuff, but never the tall man himself. So I started the blog to try and goad him into appearing. So the beginning of the blog is true. After a few days though, he didn't show. I was disappointed, so I continued the blog as a creative writing thing.

    However, a couple months ago, one of my oldest friends started a daily blog without telling me, and by the time he was looking like he's a real slenderstalked. I've seen the aftereffects of Him firsthand, with my own eyes, so I can't deny He exists. But I still haven't seen him. I'm going to try another test soon, in a different direction, but until then I'm here as a control base for those of you fighting Him. I can't help you physically, but I can be emotional support and try some advise. Hope that clears things up.

    Erin and North, I have some idea of what you're against. Stay safe.